Future Perfect + Changing Conversations about a Changing Climate: Feb 23, 2011.

Please join me in conversation with the Institute of the Environment’s Co-Director Diana Liverman on Wednesday, Feb 23, for a 7pm reception, 7:30 debut screening of my new video piece  22 Views of Watching the Glacier Melt and introduction to my photographic book project Future Perfect. This will be followed by a half hour conversation with Diana Liverman, whose career has focused on the human dimensions of global environmental change. Her main research interests include climate impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, and climate policy and mitigation especially in the developing world.

Our discussion will include some of the following questions:

– In what ways have you seen (or not seen) conversations changing between art and science as we deal with environmental imperatives?

– What do you consider to be the genesis of environment-climate thinking?

– What kinds of potential exist for science and art to work together on the challenges of a changing climate?

– How does scientific research inform your artistic practice?  What examples stand out for you in which an artist’s work has influenced scientific practice?

– As a writer, artist, what contribution do you see your work making to advancing our collective thinking about climate change?

– What are the under-explored ways for articulating/envisioning climate change through art?

It should be a very provocative evening. Hope you can join us!

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