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I’ve been hard at work since June, putting together an extremely provocative panel as part and parcel of all the terrific events surrounding Cape Farewell’s U-N-F-O-L-D exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Photography and Columbia’s Glass Curtain Gallery.

The Big Picture: Art, Efficacy, and Climate Change will take place on Wednesday, April 20th, in the Film Row Center, 1104 S. Wabash, from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Please pencil it in your calendars. It’s not to be missed.

“The Big Picture: Art, Efficacy, and Climate Change” (efficacy: capacity or power to produce a desired effect) to tease out these ideas in regard to contemporary art practice and climate change. This panel will also examine why contemporary art has become such a critical hub that activates, educates, and elucidates, the complex issues of climate change, and how artists and scientists are in collaboration to address climate change.

The brilliant panel, experts in their field, should ensure a lively and diverse discussion:

William L. Fox: Prolific author (, and Director of the Center for Art + Environment (

Timothy Morton: Author and Professor, Dept. of English (Literature and the Environment at UC Davis, ( and active blogger ( and (

Diana Liverman:  Co-Director of Institute of the Environment, U of Arizona, Tucson, Professor of Geography and Development, University of Arizona, visiting professor of Environmental Policy and Development, Oxford University, author of Climate Change: Risks, Challenges, Decisions among other articles, essays and books (

Alison Deming: Prolific poet, essayist, author, Professor in Creative Writing at the University of Arizona (

Hope to see you all there. Just in case you won’t be in Chicago, Timothy Morton will stream it live on his blog:

Speaking of Tim’s blog, for a little preview of our panel, check out his ideas that emerged during a conversation we had today while hashing out ideas for the panel “Thoughts on Global Warming and Art”:

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