Another Storm is Coming…con’t


Another Storm is Coming_New York Times Oct 9, 2016

Roy Scranton, author of “Learning to Die in the Anthropocene” and “War Porn” a novel, writes in today’s New York Times Sunday Review section “Future hurricanes will actually be worse… “The City of Houston and FEMA did a climate change future… Hurricanes are going to get bigger. No question. They are fueled by the heat of the ocean, and the ocean’s warming…We see local politicians in general content with doing nothing. The do-nothing option is pretty gruesome. It gets you a storm, sooner or later, that’s going to kill thousands of people and cause at least $100 billion in damage.”

Head’s up America! This one is straight over home plate not in left field and its a zinger!…

I hardly, if ever, use sports analogies. But this review needs to be as popular and well attended as the upcoming playoffs with the Chicago Cubs, warding off a 108 year old curse. Go Cubs!


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