Clouds of Uncertainty


Much like weather systems that move around the globe, the ripple effects of the events of the past couple weeks will be felt around the world.

Most of the people in my everyday world – students, friends, colleagues, family, and professions working in the arts – I’ve been stunned and saddened by the events in the last few weeks. I don’t and can’t presume to know what and how the ripple effects of the election will play out, but I can  try to understand the ever widening impact will be touched by America’s choice to undo the check and balances that have historically defined our democracy.

James R. DeLisle writes “Hurricane Katrina forever changed the lives of individuals and the way we think about natural disasters. As the recovery efforts continue – 10 years post-Katrina – so do the debates over what went wrong, what went right, and what to do about it. These debates have several dimensions. First, there is the national security issue and what we need to do to improve our hazard-response systems. Second, there is the issue of how to deal with the people and businesses whose lives have been shattered or disrupted. Third is the question of what, where, when, and how we rebuild public and private infrastructure and facilities in the devastated regions. Finally, there is the debate over the question of how much this will cost, how it will be financed, and who will bear the costs.”

What is particularly numbing is when I contemplate the ripple effects that the choices that will be made in the next 4 years will wrought.

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