Today is Diane Dammeyer 2017 Fellow Ervin Johnson’s Panel! Hope to see you there!

Ervin Johnson”s #InHonor: Monoliths: Special Exhibition on view May 2nd – May 7th 2017\

Join us for these Special Events:

Ervin Johnson

SUNDAY MAY 7th, 12-4pm Closing Reception

1-2pm Panel Discussion  with artists: Ervin Alex Johnson, Max Sansing, and Juan Fernandez, moderated by Jennifer Murray Executive Director of Filter Photo

2:30pm SLAM Poetry performance by Osiris Khepera and Mojdeh Stoakley

 Gallery19 is very excited to be collaborating with Chicago Artist Ervin Alex Johnson to present #InHonor: Monoliths, an intensely personal mixed media photographic exhibition. Mr. Johnson’s art deals with identity, disenfranchisement, and legitimacy. His work speaks to self-acceptance and social acceptance. The artist describes his project in this way:

 “#InHonor is a series of photo-based mixed media portraits made to honor blackness as it exists in its various forms. More specifically, it speaks to the violence and destruction occurring across America, in the form of police brutality. The skin color is removed from each portrait and then aggressively renegotiated. Pigment stands in for an idea or preconceived notion about a particular type of human experience. That experience is culminated and summed up in a word: Black. Questions of tangibility and digital approximations of an entire race are raised. What does a digital approximation of skin color mean and what does it mean to physically remove it and reapply it? The faces are forever transformed, just as our world is, with each loss of life.”

 Ervin A. Johnson was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from the University of Illinois- Urbana Champaign with a bachelors degree in Rhetoric he began work on his second bachelors at Columbia College Chicago in photography. Most recently he completed his MFA in photography at Savannah College of Art and Design. Ervin utilizes photo-based mixed media to re-imagine cultural and racial identity via photography and video. In his most recent body of work, #InHonor, Ervin pays homage to the lives lost to police brutality and racism.

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